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 DISCIPLINE = a broad area of study. This discipline is FILM/ANIMATION. One Artist of the Year (seven total) will be named in each discipline.

SPECIALTY = an area of study within the discipline. Semi-finalists and finalists will be named in each specialty.  

Instructors may nominate two juniors AND two seniors per specialty. A student may be nominated in one specialty within each of the seven disciplines. Students may only be nominated in one specialty per discipline.

Students should be nominated in the specialty that is her/his/their greatest strength within the discipline. If the student is strong in any of the other specialties within the discipline, the student will have the opportunity to submit additional materials to address those strengths.





VISUAL EFFECTS includes: special effects, opening titles,

or anything done to alter film footage

FILM ACTING is not offered as a primary specialty. HOWEVER, if you have a strong actor, you may nominate that student in THEATER/Acting.

SCREENWRITING is not offered as a primary specialty. While we recognize that screenwriting is an art form associated with film making, we are not set-up to evaluate scripts.