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Dance videos should be similar to a video that you would submit for a college or professional audition. 

  • Perform at least two (2) pieces which represent your primary specialty (i.e. the specialty in which you were nominated.) They may include solos and/or dancing with a partner or group as long as you are easy to identify. ​

  • Each piece should be approximately one (1) minute each.

  • Both pieces should be submitted on one (1) video. 

  • The video should be no longer than a total of two (2) minutes.​ NOTE: You will not be disqualified if your video is longer than two minutes, so don't worry about being EXACT in hitting the two minute mark. HOWEVER, because is likely the judges will be viewing over 100 videos, it is likely they will stop watching after two minutes.

  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to create your video in a dance studio environment if at all possible. You do not need to submit professional videos, however, we must be able to clearly see you in order to observe your technique and musicality.

  • PRO TIP: Strong videos in the past have showcased versatility in styles, levels in movement, substance and complexity in choreography and movement quality, ambidexterity, and musicality.

  • If you plan to use a phone to record your video, please hold the phone horizontally when you record to ensure that the dancer in the video is as large and as clear as possible. Don't worry about having high production values. Simple videos that allow us to see your whole body while performing are fine. 

  • You should be easy to identify in your video, especially if you are performing with a partner or a group. It should be OBVIOUS who we should look at in the performance.  

  • When filming, make sure that you are in close proximity to the camera while maintaining your full body in frame.

  • We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE submitting clips from a live performance (a show or dance competition performance with an audience). These videos are usually filmed too far away with poor sound. Plus, the audience reactions and busy backdrops are distracting.​​

  • For CHOREOGRAPHY (optional as a secondary video): The video may be of one dance or a montage of various dances.  These may be recorded for this application or clips from prior performances.  You should only submit samples of choreography as a SECONDARY VIDEO.

We are not looking for perfection but we are looking for artistry. If you are nominated, we assume you are talented.  Use this opportunity to show us what you are trying to explore/create/convey as an artist.​ 



The online application has space for two (2) additional links for videos to showcase your talents BEYOND your primary specialty.


You should NOT use these links to submit additional videos of your primary specialty. 



** No passwords/privacy settings. **

When we click on the link to your video, it should open directly without needing a password nor a special video player. 

We suggest uploading videos to 


Vimeo - or - YouTube - or - Google Drive

then, provide the link to the uploaded video in the online application.

Do not assume that viewers will have a specialized video player if one is needed for your video.

Remember, you want the video to be EASY to view.  If the judges have trouble seeing your work, they will not take the time to figure it out and will move on without evaluating you.


  • Don't worry about having high production values.  Simple videos that allow us to see your work are fine.

  • Videos should be shot in a neutral environment like a dance studio, dance classroom, or stage. Also, please make sure that the sound and picture are clear.

  • Please make sure we can see your entire body throughout the video.

  • If you plan to use a phone to record your video, please hold the phone horizontally to ensure that the dancer in the video is as large and as clear as possible.

  • Do not submit work that has been edited with jump cuts, dissolves or musical overlays in your primary video.



Below are strong examples of how you frame your performances on your videos.

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