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You may nominate at TOTAL of 5 JUNIORS and 5 SENIORS for EACH DISCIPLINE. 

Your nominations are not tethered to specific specialties.


Teachers will be requested to provide the following:


  • NAME

  • GRADE: Junior or Senior

  • HIGH SCHOOL: Even if the student is being nominated by an after school program, we want to know which high school the student attends. 


  • NAME

  • EMAIL: Emails need to accept messages from outside of the school server.

  • PHONE: Best number at which to reach you.

LENGTH: 250 characters and a maximum of 1500 characters, including spaces (approx. 50 to 300 words) 


Tell us why you believe this student is an Artist of the Year.

Your statement does not need to be long. Ultimately, we are looking for a solid quote to publish in the paper that celebrates your student.


To this end, if you choose to write a short statement, it's important that your statement is well-written and coherent.

If you want to repurpose a recommendation that you have already written for your students, you can do that as well. But again, we need to pull a few sentences of it to publish in the paper.

Your statement will also be included with all materials presented to the judges.

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