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Teachers will be requested to provide the following:


  • NAME

  • GRADE: Junior or Senior

  • HIGH SCHOOL: Even if the student is being nominated by an after school program, we want to know which high school the student attends. 


  • NAME

  • EMAIL: Emails need to accept messages from outside of the school server 

  • PHONE: Best number to reach you at

You will have a minimum of 500 characters and a maximum of 1500 characters with spaces (approx. 300 words) to answer this prompt.


Tell us why you believe this student is an Artist of the Year.

A student’s talent is only one layer. We also want to know who they are and what they want to explore or say through their art form. Anything you can share that will help us to understand who your student is as an artist is helpful.


To help shape your answer, evaluators look at a student's TALENT/TECHNIQUE, how the student THINKS ARTISTICALLY, how the student is GROWING as an artist, what the student wants to EXPLORE AS AN ARTIST, how the student’s art IMPACTS OTHERS,  and the student's HEART - those intangible things that make you root for your student.

Along with giving insight into who your student is, text from this answer will be extracted to accompany the student's nomination listing in the paper.

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