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You will submit ONE VIDEO LINK that includes all of the material you want to show us.

IMPORTANT: Put your strongest piece first.


If you are also submitting samples of composition / arrangement, that will be a separate link. Go to our composing / arranging portfolios page for details.

These videos should be similar to a video that you would submit for a college or professional audition. 

We are not looking for perfection but we are looking for artistry. If you are nominated, we assume you are talented.  Use this opportunity to show us what you are trying to explore/create/convey as an artist.​Pick pieces that resonate with you.


  • Perform a minimum of two (2) pieces that show the breadth of your ability or one (1) larger piece if it demonstrates that breath.​​​​

  • We encourage you to keep each selection to approximatly two (2) minutes each. 

NOTE: You will not be disqualified if your pieces are slightly longer than required, so don't worry about being EXACT.... HOWEVER, concise is best.

  • We must see you playing your instrument. Audio only recordings will NOT be accepted.​

  • Don't forget to "slate" your work (introduce yourself and each piece that you will be performing). This can be done verbally and/or with titles on the video. 


  • It is important that you highlight your ability to improvise.


  • Samples of conducting may be submitted as a secondary link. The video may be of one one piece or a variety of pieces. These may be recorded for this application or clips from prior performances. 


  • Simple videos that allow us to see and hear your work are fine. They do not need to be professionally filmed, but they should provide a clear picture and audio.   

  • ​​We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to shoot your video, at the very least, from the waist up. 

  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to record your video in a neural space if possible. The fewer distractions in the background, the more we are able to focus on you and your performances. That said, we understand that it may be difficult to find an ideal space to film your work and want to reassure you that where you film your pieces will have no bearing on our selection process.​

  • We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE submitting clips from a live performance (a show with an audience). These videos you usually too far away with poor sound. Plus, the audience reactions can be distracting.

:: IF you decide to submit a video from a live performance, it should be clear who you are in the video AND we should be able to clearly hear you playing your instrument.




** No passwords/privacy settings. **

When we click on the link to your video, it should open directly without needing a password nor a special video player. 


We suggest uploading videos to:


Vimeo - or - YouTube or - Google Drive

then, provide the link to the uploaded video in the online application.

Do not assume that viewers will have a specialized video player if one is needed for your video.

Remember, you want the video to be EASY to view.  If the judges have trouble seeing your work, they will not take the time to figure it out and will move on without evaluating you.


HOW TO FRAME Your Performance


Below are strong examples of how you frame your performances on your videos.

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