DISCIPLINE = a broad area of study. This discipline is THEATER. One Artist of the Year (seven total) will be named in each discipline.

SPECIALTY = an area of study within the discipline. Semi-finalists and finalists will be named in each specialty.  

Instructors may nominate two juniors AND two seniors per specialty. A student may be nominated in one specialty within each of the seven disciplines. Students may only be nominated in one specialty per discipline.

Students should be nominated in the specialty that is her/his/their greatest strength within the discipline. If the student is strong in any of the other specialties within the discipline, the student will have the opportunity to submit additional materials to address those strengths.




includes set, props, projection, lighting,

sound, costume, and make-up

DIRECTING is not offered as a primary specialty. HOWEVER, a directing video may be submitted as a secondary component when a student is nominated in one of the other specialties.

STAGE MANAGEMENT is not offered as a primary specialty. We are honoring top artists, not top leaders.  We understand that stage managers are essential to successful shows and that some of your students are learning this craft and excelling. However, viewing students' prompt books and spreadsheets has not proven to be useful when trying to evaluate stage managers as artists. If you feel strongly that we need to include this specialty in future years, please email us your thoughtful suggestions on how we can evaluate the artistic merit of these students.