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HINT: It's not about winning. It's about celebrating excellence and artistry.

It's An Honor

It's an honor just to be nominated.


Any student that is nominated should be considered a top artist at your school or in your program.


To be chosen as a nominee for Artist of the Year means that your student represents excellence in your program. You and your student can definitely be proud of that. 


It's a vote of confidence.


Students feel empowered to show their work, parents beam, schools high five, friends brag. To be singled out from among all your peers to represent your school for Artist of the Year ... priceless.


Artist of the Year considers how students think and create as artists. 


This program was developed with the input of teachers who wanted us to honor artistry over technique and talent. So, while talent is certainly a factor, it is artistic thought and action that is celebrated.


Students start to view themselves not just as dancers or musicians, but as artists.  


Through the questions on the application and the interviews with the judging panels, many students tell us that through the application process, they start to think about WHY they practice their art form and what they want to say as an artist. They start to move past technique and talent and consider the ways that their artistic work impacts others.

LOOK MA! I'm in the paper!

Nominating a student for Artist of the Year means that they will be recognized in print and online by the Orange County Register, the paper of record for Orange County.


Your nomination means that you are willing to publicly declare excellence at your school. 


If a student is named as an Artist of the Year, awards are offered. 


Students can include the nomination on their scholarship and college applications, résumés, and job applications.


This is a great credit to include in that "Awards and Honors" section. (Examples below.)


This is great marketing for your school and program.


School, arts programs, and arts teachers can use their Artists of the Year to help promote their programs.


Being able to say that you have students that were semi-finalists and finalists for Artist of the Year is a great marketing tool.

Student can include the nomination on résumés and scholarship/college applications.


A NOMINEE can say, for example, she is the "Nominee in Acting for Artist of the Year from Tesoro High School"

A SEMIFINALIST can say, for example, he is an "Orange County Semi-Finalist in Film Directing for Artist of the Year"

A FINALIST can say, for example, they are the "Orange County Graphic Design Artist of the Year"

An ARTIST OF THE YEAR can say, for example, he is the "Orange County Vocal Music Artist of the Year"


We pride ourselves on finding top arts professionals to help evaluate your students. 


For those students who are passed on to the semi-final round, they will be interviewed by professional artists and top faculty from arts programs throughout Southern California.


See our PAST JUDGES page to view a list of those that have been on the panel in past years.


By nominating, you help put the arts in the spotlight for your school/program.


Promotion of the arts starts with you. We hear complaints all the time about how much press sports and other programs get in comparison to the arts.

The Register uses Artist of the Year as one more way to highlight great art programs and art students. And we rely on you to help us identify those students that should be honored. People won't know about your stellar students if you don't shine a light on them. 


Students see work and meet people beyond their school. 


Simply by being the company of other students who have also been nominated, students will start to pay attention to what other students are doing.


And if they become a semi-finalist, they will meet students at the photo shoot, during the interviews, and at our final reception.


Preparing a résumé, audition video, online art portfolio and the application questions is good practice.  


For many students, this is the first time the they have had to create a résumé, audition video, website or simply answer questions about what they do.


As they get ready to apply for colleges, scholarships, and professional art gigs, they'll need to have these skills and components in their arsenal.

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