Artists chosen as semi-finalists in each specialty will be invited to present their art form and engage in conversation with of a panel of judges. If we are able to conduct these conversations in person, we will.* However, we understand that meeting in person may not be possible and alternative accommodations will be made.

  • JUDGES: Judges will include distinguished arts professionals, college faculty, Register staff, and high school arts teachers. 

  • ART: Every student will be invited to present their art form in person to the judging panel.  We will email the semi-finalists with specifics of what is required based on their discipline/specialty. 


  • THE CONVERSATION: The judging panelists will ask questions pertaining to the work presented by the artists and will try to find out more about the artists' artistic attributes


  • INTERVIEW DATES: Semi-finalists presentations will take place during the end of March.   If we are able to meet in person, they will be conducted on the Chapman University campus. If we still must adhere to social distancing measures, will contact semi-finalists with details of how this will be conducted online.


*COVID-19 ACCOMMODATIONS: If we are able to meet in person for Round 2 judging of the semi-finalists, we will do that. Typically, live streaming/video interviews are not accommodated. HOWEVER, if we must still adhere to social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you may be asked to submit your work and interview questions via video and/or live streaming. We will make these decisions when it gets closer to the interview dates.