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Create a website portfolio that showcases your art work.

  • You need to include at minimum three (3) works of art on the website (except for Animation). There is no maximum limit on the number of images that you may include.

  • PRO TIP: Put your strongest work FIRST.

  • IMPORTANT: Each work of art should be labeled with:

    • the title of the piece​

    • the medium(s) used to make the piece

    • the size dimensions of the piece

  • For 3D ART: We suggest you show multiple views of each piece so that we can get an idea of the shape and work completed from multiple views.

  • Make sure your name is on your website/portfolio.

  • All showcased work should be created entirely by you. If you include work that was created by a team, you should be the primary creative voice used to create the piece.

  • If you want to showcase more than one design specialty, you may include all work on the same website.

  • For ANIMATION ONLY (not Motion Graphics): You only need to send a link to one piece of animation. You do not need to make a portfolio.  You may be asked to showcase a second piece of animation if you are invited to the semifinal round.  See the Film and TV Videos page for instructions on format for your video.

We are not looking for perfection but we are looking for artistry. If you are nominated, we assume you are talented.  Use this opportunity to show us what you are trying to explore/create/convey as an artist. 



The online application has space for two (2) additional links for videos to showcase your talents BEYOND your primary specialty.


You should NOT use these links to submit additional videos of your primary specialty. 


No passwords/private sites.


You may use any online format that you feel comfortable using. Please make sure that whatever you work you share is accessible to viewers with a single click.

Portfolio online platforms to consider include:

  • Create a Google Slides slideshow  (make sure when you share this link, under "General Access", it should be marked as "Anyone with the link" can be a "Viewer")

- OR -

  • Please do NOT use Instagram to share your work. Some of the judges are not able to access Instagram when viewing your work while on school computers.

  • Please do NOT send a link to a folder with jpgs stored in them (i.e. a Google Drive folder, Dropbox folder, or other cloud based folder). The judges are not likely to open pictures one at a time. 



If you are looking for EXAMPLES of artist websites by professional artists, check these out.

Ultimately, you have the freedom to be creative with how you present your work, BUT make sure you highlight your best work, and label each piece with the title, medium(s), and size dimensions (when applicable).

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